Little Stick


Some simple tips.

When viewing a tree, think of the angle that you would normally view the tree from.

You would normally look up to giant English Oak and down on a sapling. Trees look very different from various heights and the default view is often not the best for a particular tree.

When exporting the tree you have to be careful with its size.

It is easy to have a tree out of proportion. You can check the size that your tree is supposed to be or adjust it until it is correct for your use. There is usually quite a large margin for artistic license.

Using a photograph of leaves or bark is nearly always better than using the generated versions.

To get nice blossom for example, take a photograph of some blossom and use it as the leaf texture.

Matching the lighting conditions of your tree to another picture can be difficult.

Little Stick can match a shadow up for you using the Shadow Options palette however the other colours are harder. Before exporting your tree picture, set the Render menu in the Tree Designer palette to Textured. Open the picture that you want to paste the tree onto so that you can view both Little Stick and the picture at the same time. Adjust the sliders in the Shadow Options palette until the colours look good. Then when you export your tree you can adjust the brightness and contrast of your tree picture using for example Photoshop or the GIMP. If you are exporting to a 3D modelling application you don't have to worry about this.

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