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Download a demo of Little Stick for Mac OS X
Little Stick 1.0 Demo

   Little Stick 1.0 Demo.dmg  (1 MB)

Test Files

3D files.sitx (236 KB)

3D (472 KB)
Here are some 3D files for your testing. Including OBJ, VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0 and DXF.
They are very simple test models exported by Little Stick and are here so that you can be sure Little Stick is compatible with your current 3D applications. For the leaves to be rendered correctly a texture with an alpha layer is required and an example is included.

Demo (88 KB)
Here is a very small (2 fps) test QuickTime movie. It has an alpha layer to demonstrate compositing. The shadow is included but you can switch it off in Little Stick or put it into a separate movie. Normally when compositing, the background would be black, but blue is easier to demonstrate.

Click here for the Little Stick online manual. (HTML format)

Registered users will be able to download updates, bug fixes etc.

Little Stick Box
A CD with printed manuals may also be purchased.

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