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Computer graphics are now used everywhere for all kinds of illustration, from art to advertising and from computer games to movies. If you're making a picture of anything outdoors you probably need trees. Even in the centre of the most neglected city there are trees, but in computer graphics they are not used enough. Quality trees are lacking in many 3D environments. This is because high quality computer trees are difficult and expensive to produce. But do not worry; Little Stick makes this process cheap and easy.
No WindWind

You can change the wind strength.
Generated LeafOak Leaf

Use the generated leaves or a photograph.


Little Stick is cheap at only £45, $85 or €65. It also saves you time and effort by being easy to use, it is designed so that you can jump straight in and try things out. Experts and beginners are both able to generate professional results quickly. For in depth information view the HTML manual.

With Little Stick you can find the tree you want on your computer rather than at the local park. For the high quality models used it is also very fast and a large library of over a hundred tree types is included. The wind model in Little Stick is far more realistic than that used in other more expensive applications and yet animation can be seamlessly looped. You can have a tree blowing around for as long as you like without weeks of rendering or massive amounts of disk space being eaten up. Lighting and shadows can easily be changed to fit in with your scene. Little Stick can even calculate the darkness of your shadow for you.
Bark TextureBark Texture Tiled

You can use any picture for the bark texture.

Shadow Palette

The lighting and shadow palette.

Custom trees

Each tree built is unique, so if you don't like it you can simply generate another of the same type until you find your perfect specimen. Once you have settled on your tree, everything can be customised. You can change the leaf style and colour, import your own photographs to be used as bark texture, vary the wind from still to gale force and even customise the lighting and shadow. Of course you can view your tree from any direction you choose. Little Stick can save trees as movies, pictures and 3D models in a large range of formats so that you don't have to worry about file translation problems. Alpha layers are produced for each tree to aid image editing.

Alpha Layer

Trees are exported with an alpha layer.


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